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The books we wish we
had when we were kids.


Dance with Valentine

Her clothes don't fit, she dances crazy, and she could sure use a hug. Will Valentine the Porcupine ever find someone to dance with? This is great tale about how to make friends.


Ride a Beluga Whale with Steven!

Steven, a hearing-impaired boy, is denied becoming a lifeguard due to his impairment. He spends his days alone at the shore when he notices a Beluga Whale trapped by trash and must save it. They become friends and the boy finds beauty in an oceanic world without sound. The boy must help the whale return to its mother, but the whale has some saving
of his own to do.

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Make Friends with Margo!

It's the first day of school and Ralph is the new kid. He does not have any friends to eat lunch with until he meets the weird and wonderful Margo, or “Hot Hands.” Margo is a strange girl with hands made of fire. These two shy classmates help each other overcome their fears. Ralph wants a new friend. Margo wants something else: Will she ever be able to hug anyone without hurting them? Will she ever be able to make a snow man without melting it? Will she ever feel normal? Is normal all that great? Discover with Ralph and Margo what being a true friend is all about.